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Monday, 4 April 2011

NHS is our future and it's not for sale

“We are all here to make our voices heard for the union's health campaign and our bargaining and organising agendas.” said Lilian Macer, Service Group Executive Chair, in opening the UNISON health conference today in Liverpool.

“This time last year at Health Conference we were fearful at the prospect of a Tory Government. But we did no expect to be fighting on so many fronts, so soon with so much at stake. National bargaining under threat. Pensions about to be put to the sword. Pay frozen. And above all the NHS facing the most serious attack in its 62 year history.”

Lilian pointed out that the Tory manifesto pledge of “no more top down reorganisations” had lasted no more than 10 weeks. Now the Tories are busy doing what they always wanted to do - breaking up the NHS.

“Let's send a united message to this Government, loud and clear, that the NHS is our future and it's not for sale” concluded Lilian's well received speech.