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Monday, 16 June 2014

NHS can be Labour’s general election game changer

The NHS is an issue which can win Labour the general election writes Kevin Maguire in today’s Mirror: ‘Miliband is handicapped by his failure to communicate the truth the banking crisis created the deficit. Labour’s hobbled by the public believing, wrongly, that the deficit somehow triggered the crash. He’s also proved inept at defending the best of the last Labour Government’s record. That failure is curious when he sat in the Cabinet for part of it. But the NHS is his home turf. Ideologically, the Cons have always been uncomfortable with publicly delivered universal health care’

UNISON up for the fight in Local Government

#uNDC14 At UNISON's local government service group conference, Glen Williams, SGE Chair, gave a wide ranging review of the union's work over the past 12 months: 'If you have had chance to read the Annual Report then you will see how much work goes on in the background by Officers and the Members that you elect. I cannot possibly do justice to the daily resistance that goes on in Local Government and have tried only to give you a flavour of the challenge but a sense we are also up for the fight and there is so much great work going on in Regions and Branches, far too much to mention in this report'.
   Full speech below.