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Saturday, 9 April 2011

End of history by Gustavo Pereira

Shiny metals might survive but not butterflies
plastics and rubble but not petals covered in dew
bands of ruffians but not loners
banquets and parties but not joy
noise and din but not the melodies of morning
tables laden as never before but not the aromas
narrow-mindedness of the spirit but not compassion
factions of power but not the secrets of conversation
one-armed bandits but not unbelievable luck
whores and vixens but not the goddesses of the night
harshness and ferocity but not revelations
integrated circuits but not the awakening of meadows
the stench but not the perspiration of lovers
stupidity and vulgarity but not the evidence of sensibility
the round and the square but not the indecipherable
dresses and jewellery but not the transparency of waters
metaphors but not poetry