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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Frank Hont Rap - A to Z of the NHS Workforce

UNISON members attending yesterday’s Liverpool rally for the NHS were treated to a master class in audience participation- by MC Frank ‘Onti’ Hont, who read out a roll call of the NHS workforce - to great acclaim from all present:

Ambulance staff and Ancillary Workers
Building staff
Cleaners, Catering staff
Epidemiologists, Engineers and Estates Staff
Finance staff
Gastro Technicians and Gardeners
Health Care Assistants, Health Visitors and Housekeepers
Information Management Staff
Joint commissioning Officers
Knowledge and Skills Advisors
Laboratory Assistants and laundry services staff
Managers, Matrons and Mental Health Staff
Nurses and Nursery staff
Occupational Therapists and Orthotists
Porters, Planners, Paramedics and Physios
Quality Officer (data)
Reception staff, Records staff and Radiographers
Student Nurses, Social Workers, Secretaries and Storekeepers
Technicians and Trainers
Ultrasound staff
Van drivers
Ward Clerks
Xray staff
Youth Workers
And last but not least the Zillions of zonked underpaid and overworked UNISON members holding the NHS together!