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Monday, 4 April 2011

Massive public support for NHS puts Con Dems on back foot

The 1000+ delegates and visitors gathering today in Liverpool for UNISON’s health care service group conference will be lifted by reports of disarray over NHS reforms at the highest levels of the Con Dem Government:  http://bit.ly/hNhgW8

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph reported that the Prime Minister is ‘drawing up key changes to the flagship Health and Social Care Bill which will see his reorganisation of the NHS watered down. Under the terms of the compromise deal, GPs who do not want to take charge of the health service budget for their area will not now be forced to do so.’

And that the Government is ‘also planning amendments to limit the market proposed in health care, with safeguards which will attempt to prevent private firms "cherry-picking" the most profitable services and leaving NHS hospitals at a disadvantage.’

The extent of public opposition to health privatisation has been confirmed by a UNISON survey on proposals to outsource the National Health Service's Blood and Transplant Service. A UNISON YouGov poll of over 2,000 people last week found that 72 per cent would oppose private companies running any part of the service: