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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Plan by José M. Tirado

It was a brash maneuver-
Part of a task planned for long before the fall,
Almost gratuitous, even unto the details
About the girl.
She could be made to break him
They thought,
It´s only a fruit, after all.
The timing afterwards had to be checked, but
Overall, everyone agreed it would do.
When it was all over, in the evening,
The honey beer drunk, its syrupy film
Clinging to lips and cups, both,
The plates licked clean,
A few did wonder aloud if their gamble
Gave those who would follow
A real choice in the end, that,
Sometimes it might be better to let the stars
Draw their own trails.
The rest looked down timidly, but agreed to
Stick with the plan
Till the end.
There would be repercussions, either way.