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Monday, 13 January 2014

Nicaraguan example shows that unions can overcome political adversity‏

UNISON activist Ruby Cox reports on developments in Nicaragua over the past 35 years. She argues that trade unionists in Britain have much to learn from the way in which Nicaraguan trade unionists struggled to survive against all of the odds following the election of a right wing coalition government in 1990: "It shows us that even though it seems that so much that we fought for has been taken away from us, we can and will win it back. It shows us that we are not the first to struggle against “austerity”, nor will we be the last, and that’s why we have to win. It’s a global struggle, and whether we’re British or Nicaraguan we are committed to the same goal; a fair and compassionate society in a fair and compassionate world. By working together in solidarity, this is a goal which we will surely succeed in achieving"