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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

In Con Dem Britain the serial privatisers march on

Neil Clark, of the Campaign for Public Ownership writes in the Morning Star about the Con Dem's relentless drive to hive off public services in the face of both public opposition and mounting evidence of the failures of privatisation: "Thatcher may be dead, but in 2014 Thatcherism continues, in a new and even more extreme form. Despite public opinion being against them and the arguments for privatisation being more discredited than ever, the serial privatisers march on. But we should not allow ourselves to become demoralised. We have all the arguments on our side as well as the support of the vast majority of the public. It's true that 2013 was a year of disappointments, but that should only make us redouble our efforts in 2014 to bring the privatisation era to an end"