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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Anti Trade Union UKIP are Tory Clones

In recent political opinion polls UKIP has registered as high as 13% and in upcoming elections will be a significant electoral force, particularly in May’s European Parliament elections. It will be looking to surpass its success in 2009 – when it forced Labour into third place in the popular vote and bagged 13 seats – the biggest representation of any right wing xenophobic party in the Parliament. A recent article on the UKIP Daily website examined the party’s relationship with trade unions and working class. It repeated many anti union positions associated with the Tory Party – that unions are unrepresentative and merely a ‘special interest group’ on a par with big corporations, acting only in our self interest. One thing the author is correct on, however, is that few trade unionists committed to collectivism and a welfare state will find appeal in UKIP’s stance as a ‘small government, low tax party’

For more information on UKIP attitudes to workers’ rights read here: