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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Southampton Council Workers Stand Firm

UNISON and Unite members rallied in Southampton yesterday in support of their campaign against City Council pay cuts. In a brilliantly orchestrated dispute, 70 street cleaners started a seven-day strike:

The street cleaners are taking action alongside:
100+ refuse workers staging a two-week strike, which ends on Wednesday 22 June;
40 parking enforcement officers;
20 toll collectors on Itchen Bridge;
150 social workers who are working to rule, refusing to use their own cars for council business, meaning the authority has to pay for taxis.
Also see the Southampton District branch website at http://www.soton-unison-office.org.uk/latestnews.htm

UNISON AGS Roger McKenzie addressed the Rally and has blogged a report here:

Cleaners at Southampton hospital will strike to demand that Medirest honour NHS Agenda for Change pay and conditions.