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Monday, 13 June 2011

Miliband still has a lot more to do - Prentis

It is a sad reflection on Labour that - at a time when the Con Dem Government is divided on NHS reforms, in crisis on adult social care, making hundreds of thousands of public service workers redundant, poised to destroy the pension rights of generations and paralysed on reform of party finances - the 'official opposition' is only newsworthy because of the internal machinations of its wholly inadequate leadership.

Dave Prentis is spot on in his criticisms of Labour's front bench in yesterday's Independent on Sunday: "They are not playing their part strongly in opposition, which is what we'd want to do – hone in on what the Tories are doing and show the deficiencies in it." Mr Prentis said Labour had only "belatedly" begun standing up for the NHS against the threat posed by government reforms. "We were running that campaign for six months before we heard anything from the Labour Party."