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Friday, 17 June 2011

Danny Alexander- the Tory Messenger Boy: An Immediate Reaction

Danny Alexander trailed his speech on Public Sector Pensions in the Telegraph as a firm statement of the Government’s position, a heroic attempt to nail the Tory colours to the mast, to tell public sector workers like it is.

But there is many a slip between private talks with Tory toady journalists and public pronouncements. Someone may have realised that it is impossible to diplomatically stand up and dictate the terms of change. So Alexander’s speech became a rehash of previous Government pronouncements and Treasury policy wrapped up in a fog of justification and propaganda, “tackling the myths perpetuated by trade unions”.

His statement of course failed to answer any of the legitimate trade union objections to what is being done and his bewilderment at questions on the Local Government Pension Scheme was frankly worrying- he didn’t understand the questions.

Claiming to be the “public sector workers friend” doesn’t make you one. Alexander‘s position that “we are the only show in town” protecting the taxpayers money is frankly laughable from someone who chooses to ignore the recent reforms. Hutton is the patsy in all this, providing the cover the Government are hiding behind. Is he still in the Labour Party?

The only new material was the possible trimming of increases in contributions for the lower paid. The rest was flannel.