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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More toxic propaganda from the Tax Dodgers Alliance

Hardly a day goes by without the Tory party front organisation the Tax Dodgers Alliance having a go at the public sector and trade unions. Here is another hilarious example of the same toxic propaganda from self styled ‘policy analyst’ Chris Daniels: http://www.taxpayersalliance.com/waste/2011/04/unions-unrealistic-demands.html

Mr Daniels is incredulous that trade unions ‘does what it says on the tin’ in seeking ways to not only protect our members jobs but to improve their working conditions and pay. This na├»ve little chap suggests that we as unions should be helping employers find ways of saving money and protecting our members jobs in the longer term. Oh really?

Well Mr Daniels that is exactly what trade unions have been doing up and down the country to try and salvage jobs and services from the savage tsunami of cuts deliberately set upon public services by your friends in the Tory Party. But make no mistake – attacking pay, terms and conditions will not protect jobs it will simple hamper recovery, damage local economies and create even more misery for hard working families. Why should any economic recovery be led by the diminution of terms and conditions, reducing tax income to the treasury and placing working conditions back to circa 1930?

These Neanderthal thinkers in the Tax Dodgers Alliance gain far too much ground in the local and regional press with their idiotic rightwing ideals. They are an utter embarrassment – even to the right of the Tory Party!

We should challenge local and regional press if they allow this bile to spill into local election campaigns – even the most dilatory journalist needs to realise that these people are politically biased and in the run up to local elections simply repeating their pathetic comments, without a balanced counter argument, should certainly find many journalists in breach of election protocols on reporting.

Anna Rose