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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mayday rallies against cuts: Newcastle and Aberdeen

Reports are coming in of MayDay rallies across the country yesterday with more major rallies planned for today. In Newcastle 600 marched through the city against the cuts as 250 miles to the north trade unionists took the same message to Aberdeen city centre.

"What kind of society do we want? A society that protects its millionaires and big business? Or a society that ensures that no child has to grow up in poverty?", UNISON's Kate Ramsden asked the Aberdeen Rally.

"At this time of unprecedented cuts to the public services that we all hold dear, the public services that define us a country and a society, the public services that protect the poorest, and the most vulnerable, the public services that we all rely on, our trade union movement is at the very forefront of the fight to defend them.

"This is our time. This is what trade unions were created for and we will step up to the mark. Together we can fight this government's spiteful attacks on our public services. And together we will win." she said.

In Newcastle, Labour MP Ian Mearns told the Tyne and Wear May Day rally that as well as fighting the cuts, we now needed to fight off Tory attacks on the MayDay holiday itself. "Let's defend MayDay so workers can help to defend themselves".