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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Conservative Government. Unemployment? Figures.

So wrote Roger McGough in a pithy poem crafted during the Thatcher era. It resonates today when the UK's official unemployment figure hits a 17 year high at 2.53 million. Same as it ever was.

UNISON General Secretry Dave Prentis has caled on the Coalition Government to rethink its economic policies which are adding thousands of public workers to the dole queue every month:

“The cuts in local government are biting even harder now, with another 24,000 jobs lost. When jobs disappear communities lose essential services such as home care, day care centres and libraries. And local businesses lose the spending power of council workers.

"It’s time for the Government to think again about the downward direction they are taking the country. There are alternatives to cutting jobs so fast and so deep. We need policies that will get Britain working, which is what we will be demanding when we march through London on 26 March.”