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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sodexo continues its campaign against workers

Click here for Danny Glover and
TransAfrica Forum Report
Sodexo - one of the largest private contractors for catering and cleaning in the UK - has been exposed, yet again, as a ruthless exploiter of workers in the most appalling poverty. At their last Shareholders AGM in Paris last week the company reported to shareholders once again a year of record profits and trunover. Like its global rival Compass, the company will be seeking extra contracts in the bonanza that will be created by public sector cuts in the UK: http://cleanupsodexo.org/2011/01/new-report-on-sodexo-by-civil-rights-gro.php

But reports like this illustrate what kind of organisation local authorities and hospital trusts would be dealing with. If we as activists are getting involved in the procurement process then this is the kind of information that should be utilised. Does any hospital want to engage a company that forces black workers to eat separately from European workers in Guinea? Or that requires women to take pregnancy tests as part of their job application process in Colombia

The US trade union and the actor Danny Glover have put together this important report - use it. http://cleanupsodexo.org/2011/01/new-report-on-sodexo-by-civil-rights-gro.php