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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Britain's broken economy & how to mend it‏

‘The deep defects in the global economic system have not been remedied. The current upswing will therefore be brief. Another, perhaps even more serious, crisis is likely. When it happens the left must not be caught, as it was last time, with its pants down’ says Larry Elliot in his foreword to ‘Britain's broken economy - and how to mend it’ published by the centre left New Political Economy Network and available on line at: http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/ebooks/BritainsBrokenEconomy.html

The Network argues that ‘the most important task facing Labour now is to come up with a vision of the economy that is different from what it was putting forward in the period before the crash Labour must now discard the snake oil of neo-classical economics and develop ideas for the economy that are both practical and humane - based on the principles of environmentally sustainable wealth creation, durability, cultural inventiveness, equality and human flourishing.’