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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Women's TUC condemns far right misogny and racism‏

The Women's TUC condemned the BNP and other Far Right parties, such as the National Front and English Defence League's, politics of hate and division. The BNP's views on women are horrying - BNP London Organiser, Nick Eriksen says "rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal. It's like being force-fed chocolate".

With the BNP have specifically targetted women's right to work during the recession, single mothers, laws on rape, divorce and abortion it is absolutely right that trade unions continue to lead the way in fighting their racist, homophobic and sexist politics.

A key part of this fight is also to challenge them in the media, and not let them peddle their disgusting politics unchallenged. With a General Election looming, as well as local elections, women's votes will make a difference to who gets elected. Women are therefore key to the fight against Far Right parties and their abhorrent policies. Women trade unionists must speak out against them and ensure that all women understand what the BNP and other Far Right parties really stand for, and what their views on women really are.

The BNP won't deliver social justice for anyone, and UNISON's Million Voices campaign is key to promoting an alternative vision of society which is one based on equality and fairness, not hatred and division. As women we must stand up in our workplaces and communities and challenge the BNP and all Far Right parties getting rid of them out of our Town Halls.

Let's make sure people vote for Hope Not Hate

Clare Williams