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Monday, 9 September 2013

Prentis warns Labour of Australia scenario in May 2015

#TUC13 The outcome of this weekend’s general election in Australia was bad news for workers with the election of hard right conservative Tony Abbot as Prime Minister and an incoming Coalition Government with manifesto proposals to attack workplace rights. This followed sustained internecine strife in the Australian Labor Party. The Union Labour link dominated media coverage of the opening of the TUC’s annual Congress yesterday and UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis gave a timely warning to Labour’s leadership that they face a similar fate:
    "If the powers that be in the trade union movement and the Labour Party believe that having squabbles and a special conference is going to get people out there to vote Labour they are living in cloud cuckoo land. We look like a disunited party. It’s quite clear that whenever a party is divided, the people don’t vote for it. We have seen only yesterday what happened in Australia. It will happen to the Labour Party in this country if it doesn’t get its act together."