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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hey, message to Ed - Shiny Happy Union People

#TUC13 In another boost to union Organising ....... Toronto`s York University has pointed out that the UN `World Happiness Index` has just been published and shows that the most highly unionised countries with the lowest income inequality and the best social spending programmes are top of the list. Denmark is the happiest place in the world, followed by Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. The UK comes in at 22nd and the USA at 17th - below amongst others Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. http://lawofwork.ca/?p=6881

It makes sense and might be something for the Labour Party to think about whilst they are busy `engaging `with trade unions at the TUC. A Living Wage and ending Zero Hours contracts are good and worthy policies, supported by trade unions. But how about some more substantial legal changes to take the restrictions of trade unions, that will promote collective bargaining? If the UN Index has some value it is in the fact that the types of societies and their social ethos is based on notions that lie at the heart of trade union rights. A Labour Government is missing a short cut to more equality - unshackling trade unions from the anti union legislation of Thatcher.

The Nordics, the Dutch and the Swiss - the happiest places in the world - are trade union countries. Can Labour help us join them?