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Saturday, 31 August 2013

To the youth by Nordahl Grieg

Surrounded by enemies
enter your time
During a bloody storm
commit to the fight

Fearful you ask,
defenceless, open
What shall I fight with?
What is my weapon?

Here is your shield against violence
Here is your sword;
Faith in our lives,
and human dignety

For all our children’s sake,
Search for, and plant it
Die if you must, but
increase it and strengthen it

Silent, the grenades
glides through the air
Stop them on their path to death
Stop them with spirit

War is contempt for life,
Peace is creation
Use all your strenght:
death will lose

Love and enrich with dreams
all good that was
Walk towards the unknown
and find the answers

Unbuildt power plants
Unknown stars
Create them, with the bold minds
of the saved lives

Noble is man
the earth is rich
if there is powerty and hunger
it is because of betrayal

Break it down! In the name of life
injustice will fall
Sunshine and bread and spirit
belong to us all

Then the weapons will be
powerlessly lowered
If we create dignity for human life
we create peace

Those who on their right arm
carries something
too valuable to loose
can not murder

This is our promise
from brother to brother:
we will be good
to mother earth

We will take care
of the beauty and warmth
as if we were carrying a child
carefully in our arms