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Monday, 26 August 2013

Stirling strikers say 'not a minute on the day not a penny off the pay'

UNISON Stirling Branch is reporting huge support for its strike today against a 4.5% pay cut. "With council pay already falling 13% behind, means a whopping 17.5% hit on Stirling Council workers", said branch treasurer Andy Douglas reporting from the picket line earlier.

Hitting out at these 'savage cuts', branch secretary James Douglas explained: “The council’s offer is insulting - the combination of a 1.5% pay cut and the requirement to work an extra 7.5 days a year, actually amounts to a 4.5% pay cut for the majority. This comes on top of a three year pay freeze which has meant a real terms pay cut of about 13%. And the proposal to move to a 37 hour week also means a reduction in hourly rate of pay for all including the lowest paid."

Pickets were reporting great support from other council unions. Management plans to subvert the strike by moving council vehicles overnight failed as GMB workers refused to touch them.

James added: “We hope that a one day strike will send a clear message to both Stirling Council and its management team that enough is enough. We believe that this will force the council to think again. The changes to terms and conditions affect all of us, therefore we need to stand together and be prepared to fight for our rights.”

For more info see http://www.stirlingunison.co.uk/  and http://www.unison-scotland.org.uk/news/2013/julaug/2208.htm