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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Labour must repeal bedroom tax – Joe Anderson

#UNDC13 #ULGC13 The directly elected Mayor of Liverpool and UNISON member, Joe Anderson, opened the local government service group conference this morning. Trade union rights, blacklisting and facility time featured prominently in Joe’s speech as well as austerity and its devastating impact on his city which is hardest hit by local government funding cuts.

‘I will chase out of this city any construction companies who come to Liverpool and try to blacklist workers,’ pledged Joe but reserved his harshest words for the iniquitous bedroom tax. ‘It leaves thousands unable to cope and yet the Labour Party refuses to say it will repeal this tax. It is morally wrong – I send a message to Ed Miliband, no arguments, no ifs or buts – say you will repeal the bedroom tax.’

‘The disabled, the sick, the weak, the poor are carrying the burdens of austerity. At times like this trade unionists prove their worth. We have worked closely with our trade unions in Liverpool to mitigate the effects of the government cuts. UNISON reps have a direct line into my office. The Coalition want to restrict facility time and my message to Eric Pickles is that I will make it easier not harder for trade unionists to stay in contact with me and the Council. I am proud to call myself a socialist. We need to stay united against the coalition and within the labour movement.’