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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

International Cleaners Day Sweeps the World

UNI Global union reported that its Action Day for Cleaners has brought out protests and actions all over the world as expected and some are still taking place now. The action was called by a network of shop stewards employed by ISS the Danish multi national (which has many cleaning contracts in the NHS)

Their call was met at over 36 airports in Europe, Australia and the USA. Cleaners organised by PCS in the Law Courts across the UK walked out on strike and rallied in Manchester. They have adopted the `Respect for Cleaners`logo of the raised fist in a cleaners glove as their badge of protest. Airport cleaners in Manchester have been striking and a short march through London was organised by Cleaners on strike against Clifford Chance.

In Dublin roses were given out to Cleaners around the statue of the great Jim Larkin. Flowers made from different coloured cleaning cloths were given out to passengers at International Airports, asking them to pass them on to Cleaners at destination airports. chocolates were given out on Swiss railways. 4 major airports were covered by actions taken by the IG BAU union - Munich, Nurnberg, Frankfurt and Hamburg - and Brussels and Schopel airports were the site of mass leafleting by unions.

The protests have met with widespread public support and media interest. even Turkish TV has been reporting on the actions, with many workers interviewed and pictured. In Finland an amazing 1 minute 37 seconds film has been linked all over the world as a great summary of the position of Cleaners

The next stage of the campaign is the presentation of the `Cleaners Charter` to employers and contractors. The Charter was drawn up by Cleaners. It is now the employers opportunity to respond positively to the widely supported claims of Cleaners. For further pictures and messages please see