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Saturday, 9 March 2013


On Monday UNISON is launching a new advertising campaign “Essential Cover…..” to boost the rate of recruitment to the union. A series of adverts will be run on TV as well as in national, regional and trade press, with on-line and digital activity coming to the fore. The union nationally, regionally and branch by branch is using its campaign as a launch pad for more activities and recruitment events across the UK.
    Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary explained that 'the campaign is being launched at a time when public services are under unprecedented attack from Government.

'It is a tragedy that in 2011 270,000 jobs were axed in the public sector and that figure is predicted to rise to1.2m by 2017/18. We need to get the message across to members and potential members that we can provide them with the essential cover they need to help them through these tough and uncertain times'

The innovative advertising campaign is underpinned by large scale organising initiatives across all 12 regions (supported by the national fighting fund).