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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

October 20 is a launch pad for anti-austerity fight - Dave Prentis

#tuc12 At Congress yesterday UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis moved composite 1, on ‘a future that works campaign’, which condemned the government for ‘the hardship suffered by millions of people losing their jobs, local services or receiving cuts in their pay, pensions or benefits, and for deepening inequality in our society’:

In a wide ranging speech which outlined the devastating consequences of more than two years of Con Dem misrule, Dave called on the trade union movement to mobilise for the upcoming TUC national demonstration and to sustain that protest into the future: ‘it is our job to lead the fight back. To protect our heritage. To defend that fairer society that those who went before us fought for. To fight for a future that works. To ensure that 20 October is the biggest anti-cuts demonstration in our history. A day that will give hope to our people, hope for a better, fairer society.

“And the 20 October has to be more – much more than just a march. It must be a launch pad for our campaign against austerity. After that day we must march on, united, co-ordinated."