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Thursday, 13 September 2012

MPs back call for UN to recognise Palestine

64 MPs have signed a motion urging British Foreign Secretary William Hague to vote to recognise Palestine at UN General Assembly on September 27th. Has yours signed yet? Check on http://www.parliament.uk/
If not, find their email on http://www.parliament.uk/ 

The United Nations General Assembly will be asked to vote on September 27th on a motion to recognise Palestine as a state - fulfilling the promise made 60 years ago of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Being recognised as a state will allow Palestinians to join international organisations and to negotiate an end to the Israeli occupation and blockade on the basis of equal rights under international law.

Over 130 of the 193 countries in the UN have already recognised Palestine as a state so it is almost certain that the motion will pass. But will the UK vote 'yes'?

William Hague, our Foreign Secretary, said he would abstain when the issue came up at the UN Security Council last year. But he "wouldn't necessarily vote the same way" at the UN General Assembly.

MPs have been trying to force William Hague to tell Parliament how he will vote, but he has said nothing. They will keep trying until Tuesday September 18th when Parliament goes back into recess.

Here's your chance to help. 64 MPs have already signed a Motion to "support recognition by the UN of Palestine as a state alongside the state of Israel". They include MPs of all parties.

Our picture shows Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary, Peter Hain, former Welsh Secretary, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Ann Clwyd, Richard Burden MP and MPs from Labour, Liberal Democrats, Northern Irish SDLP and Greens.

Among Conservatives who have signed the motion are former ministers Crispin Blunt, Nicholas Soames and Eleanor Laing.

We believe a majority of MPs believe the time has now come for the UN to grant Palestine recognition as an independent state alongside Israel - which could help to kickstart serious negotiations.

If your MPs hasn't already signed the motion, please ask them to add their name by Tuesday September 18th or to write to William Hague urging him to vote 'Yes'.

For more information: http://martinlinton.org/category/palestine-briefing/