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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Take action today on High Pay

From FairPensions: FairPensions and our supporters are attending company AGMs in 2012 and will be going face-to-face with directors to challenge them on high pay. What a fortnight it's been for shareholder action. Three companies have already been defeated over high pay at their AGMs as the pressure over spiralling executive bonuses mounts.

If we're going to keep up this momentum and change the way companies reward their executives we need you to take action today. http://www.fairpensions.org.uk/highpay

It's been revealed that FTSE bosses have seen an 11% pay rise in the last year while average workers pay has risen by only 1% and share prices have dropped by an average of 7%.

The money in your pension fund or ISA is invested in companies who continue to pay bonuses excessively. The time has come to make a stand against these rewards for failure. http://www.fairpensions.org.uk/highpay

Even if you're not a saver you can still have your say on high pay by signing our online petition at

This is a unique opportunity to break down the barriers to the boardroom and make your voice heard!

With your help we can challenge the corporate culture of high pay and tackle spiralling bonuses.

Natalie Langford