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Thursday, 17 May 2012

97% owned - a must see new film

A brilliant new Positive Money documentary explains how our money system works. Watched 65,000 times in the first 14 days, this is the first UK-based documentary to explain the fundamental flaws in our monetary system. You can watch the film online here or attend a screening, so far planned in Sheffield, London and Richmond (North Yorkshire)

Organise a screening: If you liked the new documentary and you think more people should learn about how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis, you can now organise a screening. It can be in an independent cinema or town hall, or if you are a member of Transition Towns, Occupy, Quakers or other organisations, you can arrange one for the members. Let us know the details (when, where, costs) to info@positivemoney.org.uk.

Subtitles: The film has already Greek, Spanish, French, Lithuanian and Indonesian subtitles thanks to the excellent work of their volunteers. People in Greece and Spain in particular now need to see it - let's spread it far and wide! Translations into 10 other languages are in progress now.