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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dobson 15 years, Norris 14 years

UNISON has supported the Lawrence family campaign for Justice for Stephen Lawrence from its inception, through previous trial disasters, and through the MacPherson inquiry. The conviction and imprisonment of Dobson and Norris today for Stephen’s murder is only a partial victory. They have admitted nothing, and shown no contrition or understanding of what the acts that they have committed.

Meanwhile confidence in the police investigating crimes against the Black community remains low, while the use of “Stop and Search” powers against the Black community remains a real cause for concern.

For Doreen and Neville whose son was taken from them in a vile racist attack, and who have endured years of misery, there is still no answer to the question of who actually killed their son. These convictions are a result of a sort, but still do not provide an ending to their tragedy.

Our solidarity and support must remain with them.