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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Catgate – The Trivialisation of Human Rights

Cats tend to stink a fair bit and there is something very smelly and unpleasant about Teresa May. Many within the Tory party were concerned about her aptitude for gaffs and failure to grasp the most basic of issues but she excelled even her own stupidity by her calculated call to Sun Reader mentality with her ‘he only got to stay because of his cat’ speech to Tory conference.

Demanding the end to the Human Rights Act is her political choice – albeit that it highlights the chasm on policy between the Tory right and the liberal left – but to trivialise a debate about Human Rights to the level of Sun readers is frankly a disgrace. Cameron should demand her resignation. She is the Home Secretary and if nothing else she has blatently compromised this office of state – how could she ever be taken seriously now?

Aside from the fact that she had to more or less retract the lie later when the story later turned out to be just that (with confirmation from the Justice Commission that case she had referred to was in fact 'nowt to do with a cat') the Tory Home Secretary is already at liberty to amend the guidance on human rights; without even going to Parliament.

So this was the most cynical and let’s call it for what it is a racist ploy designed to show credibility to the Tory right and would-be BNP voters.

A sure sign of the Tories utter desperation for a majority at the next election and may be a clear indication that they will try and go to the polls earlier than anyone expects....

Anna Rose