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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Red Ed....... Or a paler shade of Pink?

#TUC11 Reaction to That Speech: On being asked if they found the Labour Leaders speech invigorating, two UNISON delegates confessed –“we fell asleep”. Another answered “It was bollocks”.

More than a few delegates suggested that he sack his speechwriter- others that he should be sacked.

A more nuanced view was that the speech lacked any logic- trade unions can be agents of change in the economy but only if they change their agenda and don’t take any strike action.?????

Or that we can’t have the same international trade union rights as are enjoyed internationally as “our economies are different”. What other human rights are qualified like that?

The continual reference to “hard working families” grated with some. Why create divisions like this in the working class? Or is the Labour Party no longer aspiring to be that kind of party?

Congress itself showed their views, twice to protest at the entreaties NOT to strike on the pensions issue. The cries of “Rubbish” and “Nonsense” spoke for themselves. And did not appreciate being given a lecture on the benefits of the academies programme.