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Monday, 12 September 2011

Carnival Against the Cuts

The sun shone in Mowbray Park in Sunderland on Saturday 10th September as local people gathered to enjoy a “Carnival Against the Cuts”. The event was organised by Sunderland Public Services Alliance to highlight the devastating impact the Coalitions ruthless spending cuts are going to have on the people of Sunderland an already deprived area with high levels of child poverty: http://www.shakewellbeforeopening.org.uk/home/?p=810

Although the message behind the event was a serious one it was also about coming together as a community and having fun. Balloon animals and face painting kept the children entertained whilst the adults enjoyed music from “Gangsters of Ska”, “1977” and “No Reason Why” to name just a few.

We also had some excellent speakers including Kevin Rowan from the Northern TUC, Sharon Hodgson MP, Cllr Allan from Sunderland Council and Diane Peacock a local UNISON activist and branch officer all of whom were clear about fighting the ideological attack we are facing from the Government and encouraged people to get more involved in their local PSA.

The large numbers of people attending really showed the strength of feeling towards protecting local services and how the PSA can be used so effectively at uniting groups to fight the cuts together.

Clare Williams