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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Insanity, Meet Vanity/Free the New Jersey 4! by Aaron McAuliffe

Now, I’m coming from a different perspective where I know you and I don’t care
About the resolution, there’s no solution
15 million attempted suicides a day couldn’t keep us away
from that Facebook page – Heeeeeey!
That book of cold faces streaming by on the terror screen
Yeah, my friend will tell you that’s not what it’s about, but I know!
And so do they
That this is what it’s all about
Apathy?! You ain’t got shit on me!
Cuz I just uploaded a new profile picture
And now all my friends are gonna see and comment
On My Hot Sexy Marxist Feminist Queer Dialectic
Aw, wait, naw—that’s just an invite for Mafia Wars
See, this distraction is like coke numbing the lips of whores
Cuz it’s a whole lot easier to get fucked for money when you can’t feel it
I’m telling you right now though, I’d rather steal it
Because I’m feelin like a criminal
I just found out it’s illegal to be queer in all 50 states!
It’s true! And don’t call me “radical” cuz this survivor’s logic is morbidly practical
Listen, I could give you statistic upon statistical analysis
Until your brain is locked up in a socio-economic-political paralysis
I could recount to you what the media says about all this
With a slideshow going in the background showing smiling school portraits of
Matthew Shepard, Tyler Clementi, Duanna Johnson, the New Jersey 4,
Asher Brown, Lawrence King, Brandon Teena and many more
And then, I could make a YouTube video
Where the ultimate conclusion is that
“It gets BETTER than THIS!”
….. That day, off, on the golden horizon
With birds chirping and glitter in the air
As we stand up to grasp for that glorious pie-in-the-sky–
And instantaneously metamorphosize!
Into a white gay man who lives in the suburbs, adopts babies from Paris,
and votes Democrat until his natural, dying day
Or how ’bout, I know! I know!
Let’s bring it back to this:
How about you and me and all our friends start a Facebook group so we can
I don’t know, click a button or something
And stop the next child from slitting their wrists,
giving the barrel of a gun their first and only blow-job,
or putting a noose around their neck and literally letting their soul expire in a closet.
We need a cultural change to something that we now consider strange
Let’s meet in person on the street cuz these problems keep on getting word an’
The blood is on our hands
OUR blood is on OUR hands in the eyes of many people
Trying us and denying us
This life is a love crime, so kiss me and be mine!
‘Lest fear of intimacy betray us for fatal cruelty
This world seems to me as much a prison as it ever was
And I thank Patience for teaching me that it’s not my home
I’m just passing through, so on my way out the door
I’ll make sure to carefully step over Sakia Gunn‘s body laying on the floor
You know it is the iron in her blood that metallicized the bars around the New Jersey 4
New Jersey 4, where have we heard your name before?
Ah, that was that time the New York City Police Department put our sisters under attack
And they were imprisoned for the crime of bashing back, they said:
Let’s play a love-crime,
Do you wanna do jail-time or suck my dick?
Bois and grrls, it’s called “freedom” because YOU get to pick!
Rape, violence, suicide, this is how we do our time–In silence, watching
those malicious figures standing in the shadows, licking their lips,
cracking their knuckles and hiding long-forgotten skulls of our ancestors we were taught
in history, science, art and especially religion
So my question for you all, then, is this:
If we have no past and we have no future then WHY are we standing here TODAY?!?