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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Student protests give momentum to national anti cuts campaign‏

The bigger than expected turn out at Wednesday’s protest, against education cuts and tuition fees, has resonated throughout the trade union movement:

The Guardian canvasses the response of several union leaders and Nigel Stanley of the TUC, looking ahead to the 26 March national demonstration, says "we will be working to build the broadest possible coalition of support. It will not just be those who work or who have lost their jobs in public services, but also workers in the private sector hit by cuts, users of public services and all those who are worried about the damage done to society and the economy by these deep, rapid cuts."

Jon Richards, UNISON head of higher education, said: "This is just the start. We intend to mobilise a mass campaign in every community against the increase in fees, the abolition of the education maintenance allowance and the near privatisation of our universities and colleges":