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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The shenanigans in court number one‏

There is a strange battle going on in court 1 at the High Court today as the BNP tries to convince the world that its membership rules are not racist. If it wins it will claim it has changed and is no longer extreme. If it loses then it faces possible bankruptcy, reports Hope Not Hate.

"Let us not be fooled by the legal wrangling over the wording of the BNP's constitution. It is immaterial to the party's true politics. They have been forced to rewrite their rulebook or face massive financial penalties and it is not something they have wanted to do.

"The BNP remains a racist party led by men who believe it was wrong for Britain to go to war with Hitler, deny the Holocaust and have links to some of the most extreme and violent nazi groups across the globe. . That is why we will be out this weekend campaigning against the BNP.

Will you join us?

"The BNP masks its extremism. It uses coded language to convey its extremist message. They might wear suits and speak with a soft voice but their hatred is the same as it always was. That is why we need to tell people the truth about the BNP. Over the weekend we have 70 HOPE not hate events across the country and with your support we will deliver 400,000 leaflets that let the British public know the truth about the BNP.

Can you help spread the truth?

"Seventy-two years ago today the German Nazis began a pogrom against Jewish people. What became known as Kristallnacht - or night of broken glass - saw 30,000 Jews rounded up and taken to concentration camps and 1,668 synagogues ransacked. This was one of the most infamous attacks against Jews in Germany. BNP leader Nick Griffin denies that Jewish people were rounded up and murdered in concentration camps. He has claimed that these camps were built by British and American troops after the war to demonise the Nazis, whom he has supported.

"We cannot let Nick Griffin get away with his lies. Whatever is decided in the High Court today we need to tell people the truth about the BNP. With your help I know we can do it this weekend".