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Saturday, 20 November 2010

One Day in the Headlines, One Ongoing Tale of Misery

(From Nov 18th 2010)
-Page 3 No Busty Blondes, but “ Extreme Violence when Troops leave Afghanistan”
Even the strongest supporter of the British presence in Afghanistan must wonder what is really going on when they see headlines like this. The justification is security, but security for whom? Not for the Afghans

-Page 4 “Rise in Fees Will Deter Most Poorer Students”
Plans to raise tuition fees will lead to a dramatic fall of over fifty per cent of the number in the number of disadvantaged students going to university. Not just an opinion however, but an Ipsos Mori poll taken among those eligible for university with no parents in work. Will the Government listen?

-Page 4 “ Home Secretary Scraps Equality Law”
A legal requirement forcing public bodies to try to reduce inequalities caused by class disadvantage will be scrapped. Teresa May dismissed the legislation as ridiculous and said it would not be enacted. There is a truth that the Tories don’t see the need to fight class disadvantage. They believe in class disadvantage, just as they believe in class advantage- their own.

-Page 7 “Local Museums face Funding Crisis”
Seven significant museums around the country including Manchester Museum of Science and Technology face an uncertain future after the Department of Culture announced that it will cease all financial support in 4 years. 80 per cent of their budget comes from that source. This announcement came as a footnote to page 17 of the departmental business plan. Local finance in the current climate will not be an option.
The only conclusion can be that the department of culture has a metropolitan bias or a view that culture is not for the suburban masses. Maybe the private sector will pick up the bill…….

Or not.

-Page 9 “ Wide Variation in Cancer Care”
Cancer services vary widely around the UK and some areas spend far more per patient than others. That of course is before Labour plans for detailed targets under which diagnosis and treatment are guaranteed, are scrapped. They now have been and the entire NHS is being reorganised on the basis of plans best described as half-baked.

Remember the old saying. Don’t get ill under a Tory government.

-Page 12 “Midwives leader says government is risking mothers safety”
Britain’s leading midwife Cathy Warwick of the RCM has accused the Prime Minister and the health secretary of risking mother and baby health by backtracking on pledges to hire more midwifes. 3,500 more are necessary. Maternity units could be forced to offer inadequate and potentially unsafe care, she warns. So don’t get pregnant either. Or chaps put something on the end of it.

-Page 16 “ Thousands left Living in Derelict Streets as Massive Housing Project is Shelved”
Victorian terraces in major English cities due to be refurbished or replaced are now in limbo after a £5bn housing renewal project was cancelled. The decision was made in order to ”rationalise funding steams” according to the DCLG. 123,000 of the poorest residents in England will be penalised.

Page 22 “Fast Service for Broadcasters who Pay More “
Ed Vaisey, communications minister will allow a two speed Internet. In the past net neutrality meant that all content could travel across the network under the same rules but some providers like BT want to charge heavily to ensure that content is delivered “ quickly and reliably”. So pay channels fast, the old BBC slow……..

One newspaper, one day’s news, one day’s evidence. Whatever this government might try and claim, we are not all in this together. The Tories and their allies are on one side. The working classes of this country are on another.