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Monday, 13 September 2010

TUC: Unite to win back employment rights‏

Len McCluskey from Unite quoted Henry V, “he that have no stomach for this fight, let them depart” when in a powerful speech on employment rights he called on the whole movement to fight High Court judicial interventions on the bosses behalf.

He told Congress how proud he was of the BA cabin crew members who have fought so bravely against a hostile and ruthless employer. “The right to strike in this country is hanging by a thread” he said and outlined some of the many legal hurdles union members are forced to go through to exercise their rights.

"It is a disgrace that the anti union laws are still on the statute book after thirteen years of a Labour Government and so the next time a union is at the High Court (as they will be) "let's see 1000’s of trade unionists outside fighting for their rights and freedoms".

Bob Crow for the RMT reinforced the arguments about the inequalities that exist in a system so heavily biased against working people. In a rousing speech Bob called on the founding principles of our movement to guide our actions in the future and to abide by the maxim that ‘unity is strength’‬.