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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Plight of a migrant worker by Khalid Hameed

wake up in the morning
head out to look
for work
stand in the corner of
the street
waiting for cars passing by
to pick you up
and take you to veg
as a day labor,
I am that forgiven one
that you need me
when you can’t find
as I fulfill your greed
of cheap labor
when I am not required
then you blame me
that I am a thief
stealing all the jobs
from a mythical
breed of workers
that no one has seen,
you treat me like a
pile of garbage
hire me and pay me
dirt cheap,
no human dignity for me
and many like me
you fill your coffers
on the sweat and blood
of me and my brothers
and sisters,
I don’t complain
as I have many
filling the empty stomach
of my little ones,
and the old ones
you fulfill my needs
‘cause I can’t do it
without your greed,
that I so desperately
need to succeed.