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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Vile and pernicious Tories

At the Tory party conference yesterday the fringe was awash with Tory delegates – scoffing the free food and wine amply provided by their corporate sponsors. To be fair it is the same at all party conferences – what was particularly appalling though was this spectacle of excess was played out just minutes after Iain Duncan Smith played to the docu-soap stereotype of a feckless under-class swigging away their benefits on cider and squandering the kids teas on a packet of fags.
    The reality for the poorest families is many are working but subject to in-work benefits because successive governments have pandered to industry and supressed worker rights and wages. Poverty will never be solved by denying a few fags and a glass of cheap plonk to anaesthetise the pain of life on the bottom. Radical progressive policies, addressing child poverty, worker rights, a decent living wage and full employment costs a few quid more in tax but then again if we attack the spivs and speculators who will fund those nice Tory lunches? These proposals are utterly vile and pernicious. The nasty party is back with a vengeance.
Anna Rose