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Sunday, 11 May 2014

COSATU welcomes ANC victory

The ANC’s huge victory in last week’s general election has been welcomed by its trade union ally COSATU - 'The ANC has proved again that it is still the party in which the majority of South Africans, especially the working class and the poor, put their trust. The election has also confirmed the absence of any credible opposition party which offers an alternative which could appeal to workers. The Democratic Alliance in particular has once again revealed itself as the party of the rich and privileged, with policies solely designed to benefit big business and increase their profits. The federation thanks all its members who helped to achieve his victory by their tireless campaigning work in the workplaces and communities. COSATU union members played a key role in achieving the high 77.3% turn-out and winning this victory for the ANC. We can repeat what we said after the 2009 ANC victory: “Our liberation movement and the National Democratic Revolution have been defended!”'