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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pay disputes converging for UNISON's big battalions?

Over the last 7 years or so of public sector pay restraint there have been many references to ‘coordination of pay campaigns’ in motions and speeches at UNISON and TUC conferences. Yet (unlike in the 2011 national public sector pensions dispute) conditions for synchronisation of pay disputes have not materialised. Until now that is. In the last 10 days there has been universal anger amongst health workers at the 'coalition’s clear contempt for NHS staff in refusing to implement the PRB recommended pay increase and this week local government unions rejected a 1% offer with all three unions now consulting members on the possibility of industrial action.
    Convergence of pay campaigns in these enormous bargaining units and unity in action of all TUC health and local government unions could see a long overdue challenge to Government public sector pay policy. There could be no more effective trade union response to the much talked about cost of living crisis being suffered by millions of workers in these sectors.