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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Outsourcing epidemic hits NHS

Yesterday's FT reported that the NHS is preparing outsourcing contracts worth £1.2bn for the provision of frontline cancer treatment in district hospitals and care for the terminally ill. Opponents of the Health and Social Care Act had predicted that the concept of 'any qualified provider' would accelerate NHS privatisation. Labour shadow health minister Andy Burnham MP is in no doubt about the threat to the future of the NHS: 'It is clear that ministers are determined to force ever-larger and more valuable contracts out to the open market. David Cameron has placed the NHS on a fast track to fragmentation and privatisation. The next election presents the last chance to change course.' The graph above shows that it was on Labour's watch that the NHS outsourcing epidemic took hold. It is vital the party holds firm to Andy Burnham's commitments when elected.