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Monday, 25 November 2013

Labour's Collateral Damage?

Anyone with any doubts about the madness of Ed Miliband's proposal to end the collective affiliation to the Labour Party of almost 3 million trade unionists will surely have had them dispelled by yesterday's Sunday Telegraph report that the Labour Party has secured £2.4 million in loans from the Co-operative Bank 'using future income from union affiliation fees as collateral'

According to Steve Richards writing in today's Guardian, the solution to Labour's funding crisis will be the introduction of state funding - so much for the principle of Labour only being funded by individuals who opt in to financially support the party!

That the vile opportunism of the Liberal Democrats - after 5 years of supporting austerity measures which have ruined millions of lives and attacks on workers' rights - should be rewarded with their much coveted life support machine of state funding by a future Labour led government would be a grotesque perversion of politics. It would mark the end of the labour movement as we know it.

As Labour's special conference on 1 March 2014 draws closer, the economic, moral and political case for dropping Miliband's ill thought out attack on the union labour link has become overwhelming.