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Sunday, 27 October 2013

What is a Union? By David G. Hurlburt

What is a Union, why it's you and it's me
When we all work together in true harmony
A chain's only broken by its weakest link
We must all pull together, so no-one will sink

The power of our Union is ever so near
Stick close to our goal, a straight course we must steer
Look to your Union my sister and brother
An injury to you is an injury to another

A Union needs unity, a oneness that's true
Equality and empathy are what we need too
Think like your brother, picture his needs
Now to build a great Union, you're sowing the seeds

Now we can harvest the seeds we have sown
And show all the world how our Union has grown
But the fruit of our labors, the vintage wines
Are the contracts we settle, the members we sign