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Friday, 4 October 2013

UNISON - adapting to a changing environment?

‘We have a very clear view. We believe that public services are best provided by the public sector. Because you get the public service ethos, the services are provided on a comprehensive basis and not for profit. But over 20 years ago, we recognised that privatisation was on the increase and that we could no longer be just a public sector union,’ says Dave Prentis in an interview published by Ethos, the public policy journal of business services conglomerate Serco. The UNISON General Secretary explains the twin track approach which the union has honed since the 1980's privatisation of the UK's major utilities - 'We do meet with the private companies. And we do say openly that our principled position is to swing the pendulum back towards the public sector being the preferred provider. But we also recognise that we have to build a relationship with private sector employers. You can only have collective bargaining if you’ve got a relationship’