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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Crawlin on Em’tee by Mike Jenkins

Now I know wha-a Big Society is really,
it’s like a ewge ole in-a stomachs
of my small famlee.

My two kids, Jade an Shania,
I carn afford t feed em no more,
school olidays ‘re worse ‘an ever.

I tried f’r jobs, got big ideas,
but arf a time don’ even yer :
slike droppin paper down a disewsed pit.

My mam as t work, my dad’s on sick ;
las thing I want is charitee,
but the Food Bank ave saved me.

'Mam, I’m starvin! Wha’s f’ tea?’

Beans, beans an more beans ;
all yew yer on telly’s ‘bout obesity.

Shania an Jade are dead scrawny,
there’s a big ole in theyer lives,
theyr crawlin, not runnin, on em’tee.