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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Time for Labour to support the values and benefits of truly public services

The launch of the We Own It campaign brings a welcome fresh approach to the tired debate about private v public in our public services.
   Far from the usual embedded doctrine of the left and right (public good private bad) the campaign's latest paper explores the reality of emerging practices, such as in-sourcing services because of market failure, and calls for a public service user bill to embed into contracting the right for the public to say no to rip-off contractors.

Remembering that public services are there for users not as a milch cow for private profit and shareholders is enhanced by a call for the private contractors to be brought within the boundaries of the freedom of information act - in the current climate of phantom work on Government contracts this would be a useful tool to hold contractors to account in the same way that public services are.

We now need a commitment from Labour to stop the rhetoric on being tough on rip off contractors and to act with a genuine commitment to support the values and benefits of truly public services.

Anna Rose