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Monday, 12 August 2013

Challenging the dominant narrative of public sector inefficiency & waste

Managerial and professional staff in public services continue to be highly unionised work groups. In recent years many Councils and NHS Trusts have deleted swathes of management posts leading to loss of specialist skills and increased stress levels for remaining staff including disciplinary action in some cases.

Little has been written about the impact of austerity on public services management during the three years of Con Dem misrule so Professor Les Worrall's article on the LSE blog is a timely contribution: 'The dominant political narrative since 2010 has been to emphasise the inefficiency and waste of the public sector and the efficiency and effectiveness of the private sector. This unsubstantiated narrative has been used to justify the continued ideological assault on the public sector. Yet, the private sector has had many conspicuous failures such as G4S at the London Olympics – not to mention a few rather large banks and train operators. We dismantle the public sector at our peril'