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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What the frack is he talking about?

‘Let them eat cake’ are the words attributed to a spoilt French princess who on learning that the peasants had no bread suggested brioche instead - as opposed to ordinary bread, Brioche was enriched with butter and reflected the princess's ignorance of the plight of the peasants.

Modern politicians pride themselves on being in touch with the people. So never would such ignorance and class prejudice be displayed with such brutality by modern day politicians. Certainly not unless you are George Osborne’s father-in-law. He believes that the north east is desolate and therefore fair game for fracking.    

Fracking is far too perilous to destroy the pretty south with trucks and drilling but hey ho in the desolate north nobody will really mind if those silly northern peasants get there water contaminated with 17 times the usual methane levels. And the odd earth tremor might just wake up all those benefits cheats hiding under their duvets avoiding the jobs clubs. As for the few tonnes of trucks trundling through the 1950s housing estates – well that will count for entertainment in the desolate north. The plan would be near perfect if we could only make sure that any wealth created by fracking was recycled to the south into the hands of the lobbyists and energy companies – preferable outwith the UK and avoiding taxes.

I have done a little drilling of my own – not of course in Shale Gas extraction methods (far too northern for sciences) and what a surprise. Lord Howell is on the governing board of the centre for global energy studies. They have a very interesting article on their home page. And yes you have guessed it on the virtues of shale gas in the north of England....

Anna Rose